While this should go without saying, this is a Safe Space for all races, all ethnicities/nationalities, all gender identities!

  • Anti language, homophobic/transphobic/racist slurs are banned.
  • No fan cops! Do not bash others for their opinions, or impose your personal feelings about the series on others.
  • Do not post any 18+ content on discussion pages. Your contribution/commenting permissions will be suspended or revoked indefinitely.
  • No arguing/gossip about other members/modmin on discussion pages.
  • Try to stay on topic. Each Wiki page has its own discussion section, and registered members will have access to off-topic discussion sections.
  • DO NOT share any illegal links, post entire episodes, or promote pirating any episodes or chapters. You will be permabanned.
  • You can add episode/manga screen caps, (under 5 minute) episode clips and YouTube videos to discussions. Do not post any fan art whatsoever. You can post your own fan art on general discussion pages, at your own risk, of course.
  • Please refer to the banned_sources for sources you should not or cannot cite/share here.

* Please write SPOILER WARNING before your comment, if you feel that your comment will spoil an episode/reveal for another member.

You can also use this syntax below to hide your content



Look, I am a spoiler!

<hidden spoiler>YOUR TEXT HERE</hidden>

OR, you can use the Hover Over Option

<tooltip title="Spoiler Text Goes Here" location="bottom">Spoiler Alert</tooltip> 

Minor rule breaking can result in losing contribution/posting permissions either temporarily or indefinitely, depending on which rule is broken, and how often it has happened.

Major rule breaking can result in being IP permabanned from this Wiki. You will not be allowed to create a new account here.

Report A User

For faster responses, report users by taking a screenshot of the incident and sending it to us via DM on Twitter @SessRinIsCanon

You can also contact someone from the staff directly.

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