How do I create a page?

On the start page, you will see a drop down menu to add a new page to a category. If the page already exists, you will be taken to that page, and given the option to edit and contribute. We have created templates to help you get started.

How do I customize my profile?

In the top right corner, you will have access to a public and private page.

You can use your private page to draft pages, or write about anything you want. It is your personal space here, and other users will not have access to it.

Your public profile is a space that other community members can see. You can share links to your personal works or pages you've created/contributed to here.

Do not share personal information on here! only share a link to your social media profile(s) if you are comfortable.

Fun Tip You can add an optional discussion wall to your public profile by copy pasting the following.

~~DISCUSSION|Title of your discussion~~

Check syntax for more options to customize your pages.

How Do I change My Profile Picture?

When you're editing your personal profile page, you can click the picture icon in the top menu and upload an image to the “user” category.

Make sure the image title is identical to your username, so the Wiki server can find your profile picture.

Can I change my username?

We apologize but username changes have been disabled, unless there is a particular reason you need your username changed. If so, send us an email

Other Questions

Reach out to the staff or send a DM on Twitter.

You can also send an email to

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