No, these are harmful, accusatory speculations that are not supported by any evidence in the anime or manga.

“Gr–ming is when a predator sets the stage with full intent of committing a sexual act with a minor by manipulating them, alienating them and making them fearful of telling a trusted adult about the abuse.” Source

P-dophiles are attracted to children. Source

Rin was always free to make her own choices when following Sesshomaru. He did care about her safety and well being, but he was not as overbearing and present as Jaken was. He would constantly admonish and discipline her, and Sesshomaru was very nonchalant to those things. He did not spend enough time talking to or focusing on her, to gr–m her. She was not molded or manipulated into believing that their relationship was romantic. There was no evidence of any sexual attraction, or intent to abuse Rin in any way. Sesshomaru never tried to harm Rin, nor did he exhibit any inappropriate feelings towards her.

Their relationship did not become romantic until years later when Rin was an adult.

No. Sesshomaru and Rin had no familial bond.

Throughout the series, characters have called Rin Sesshomaru's friend/companion, and Rumiko Takahashi consistently had Rin referred to as “little girl companion” in her original manga series, as her name, transliterated, means companion.

We were even given a hint in Episode 35, that their dynamic would become a loyal and trusting friendship. We have a page about the Blue Dragonfly Symbolism that explains more in detail.

In the Animage February 2010 magazine article, Mamiko Noto, Rin's Japanese voice actress, talks about the nature of Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship, expressing that it is not familial.

In the March 20201 Weekly Youth Interview, Rumiko Takahashi referred to Sesshomaru as Rin's 保護者 (hogosha), which is a guardian/protector.

Read more about Sesshomaru And Rin.

Raising a child requires contributing to their development, which takes time. According to this timeline following canon events in the manga and anime, Sesshomaru and Rin only traveled together for 4-5 months, during which time, Jaken was designated as her primary caretaker.

In the Crunchyroll Expo 2020 Live Stream, at 44:00 Ken Narita refers to Jaken as Rin's father figure.

In episode 22 of Yashahime, Kaede tells Towa that she and Rin lived together for many years, which concludes that it was actually Kaede who Raised Rin.

Rin was 9 years old when she met Sesshomaru.

We now have an official age of 18 for Rin, at the time her twins were born. Our timeline based on Rin's official age can be found here.

In Japanese culture, gifting kimonos can be considered a form of courtship. “Courtship takes the position that the two people have no physical contact at all (no touching, no hand-holding, no kissing) until marriage” Source

As far as the proposal heard on the Drama CD Asatte, Asatte, means day after tomorrow. Tomorrow in this case means the future, where the adventure will lead to. It does not mean it occurred, literally, the day after the final chapter. We don't know when this is meant to take place.

It seems that none of this occurred until Rin was of the age of courtship in the feudal era.

Rin does not blindly follow Sesshomaru. She was always given freedom to make her own choices, and she chose to be with Sesshomaru on her own. There were occasions where she acted on her own, or spoke out to him, even raising her voice, because he created a space between them where Rin was safe, and free to be herself. If anything, it was Sesshomaru who was willing to make adjustments and changes for Rin's sake.

Rumiko Takahashi also explained in the Weekly Youth 2021 Interview that Sesshomaru's visits were tempered during her period of consideration, when she lived in Kaede's village, to allow her to make her own decision between the human world, and demon world.

-Sama is a title that shows respect to a high ranking person. Rin was very polite and respectful, using honorifics with many characters in the series. Sama is also often used for people considered to have some high ability or be particularly attractive. Source

In the Tenseiga (My First Big), Rumiko Takahashi explains that Rin uses two different variations of -sama for Sesshomaru and Jaken.

SessRin became canon in Hanyo No Yashahime, written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa. In the Series Composition Interview Sumisawa explained that he presented the idea to Rumiko Takahashi. She tweaked the storyline to her liking, then approved of the series herself. She also designed the characters, and supervises the storyline and script, to ensure it remains true to her original work, Inuyasha.

This was explained in the September 2020 Animedia magazine by Toshikazu Naka, the producer of Hanyo No Yashahime. He stated that Rumiko Takahashi created the base of the story and the characters, and supervised the design of the 3 princesses and the script.

She spoke about Sesshomaru's development being influenced by his wife in the December 2020 issue of Shonen S.

Rumiko Takahashi is heavily involved in the work on this series and designed Sesshomaru and Rin's children herself. Her involvement and approval of the series, makes SessRin Canon, and makes Yashahime an addition to the Inuyasha Franchise.

Most importantly, Rumiko has drawn Sesshomaru, Rin, Towa and Setsuna as a family for the cover of the January 2022 Shonen S.

Sesshomaru felt pity and compassion for Kagura. Her death at the hands of her master was a form of betrayal and disloyalty that goes against his own character, and it angered him. Rin's constant efforts to open Sesshomaru's heart and convince him that everyone, including Kagura and Kohaku were redeemable, made him treat them with less hostility. It was actually Rin that taught him to feel compassion, and he was the one to decide when he felt it.

When Sesshomaru spoke with conviction, saying he would decide if Kagura's death was in vain, he was referring to the fact that he was intent on being the one to destroy Naraku, and in turn, her death would not be meaningless.

Sesshomaru broke Tokijin because he was in the middle of a battle with Moryomaru, who was provoking him. In the manga, Kagura died before the battle with Moryomaru, so the two events were not meant to be related.

According to the official Synopsis for the 43rd volume, Sesshomaru broke Tokijin accidentally.

There is nothing wrong with liking SessKagu! Kagura was a beautiful and complex character. While they had no canon, mutual romance, shipping is left to the imagination of the shipper.

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